Heads-Up Hockey

I just got word that a saxophone-playing bike-riding acquaintance of mine got hit by a taxi today.  He’s (mostly) ok, despite the driver’s attempt at initiating vehicular-powered human flight (net result, 10 feet).  His bike is a complete write-off.

Drivers’ heads just aren’t in the cyclist game yet.  I was encouraged by signs of life in the bike lanes today (two sets of tires other than my own as I rode down Innes at 7:45am), but in the same breath I also found myself gesturing at a driver who was talking on his cell phone as he passed me just before cutting me off to make a right hand turn.

Sure, drivers make mistakes, and sure, *some* cyclists take liberties with traffic rules, but as long as everybody does moves that are predictable, and well-advertised, there ought to be less carnage involving cyclists on the road.

I’m going to count my lucky stars tonight as I go to sleep and pray for another day of safe riding.

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