Hard Restart

After a long, long time without any activity here, and with some inspiration from a variety of sources, I’ve decided to get (back) into writing a little more. Suffice it to say that the path of my existence has been altered a fair amount over the last year, and so it’s likely time that we get reacquainted.

So who am I? Funny, I went through a mental health crisis in October 2014, and the wonderful social worker I saw handed me a 3″x5″ card in my first session. On it, on one side, was marked “Who Am I?” and on the other side, “What Do I Need?”

In the most basic sense, for the first question, I’m a partnered late-thirties father of three, living in Victoria BC. I could provide a laundry list of things I do, but for the most part, it’s irrelevant in this scenario. I make music for a living, I do a ton of things out of passion. And I curse like a sailor. Maybe because I am one.

My recent focus has turned to being more of a creator than a consumer. I’ve long had an urge to be less consumeristic and more being a producer, whether it be of food, music, fermented things, love, etc. Previously, these kinds of aspirations weren’t compatible with where I seemed to be headed, but with the aforementioned stark change in my life, I’ve been able to explore a great many things and have been able to better myself, and hopefully, the lives of those around me.

I’ve got some writing to do, so if you’ll excuse me…

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