Oh hi, I’m new here…

Work can really be…work, sometimes.

The more I examine who I am, the more that I see that I’m a bit of an introvert (which, if you take it into the context of some of my social media activities over time, doesn’t make a heap of sense – maybe more like a slightly narcissistic introvert?)

Either way, as far as my bass playing life has gone, I’ve been fortunate enough for the phone to ring and not for me to go out and have to put my name out. Decreasingly, though, in each of the cities I’ve lived in, the phone doesn’t ring as much. Some of that has been a conscious decision – with the day job, I’d settled for making music at work, which is totally valid, and an honourable way to do things. I’m blessed with a job that pays me to make notes. I also know that the marketplace is crowded, and don’t want to be another hungry mouth to feed at an increasingly small meal. Plus, too, I’ve been trying to be the best dad I can over the last 14-or-so years, so sticking close and not doing “discretionary” gigs was more of a thing as well.

That said, if people don’t know who I am, I need to go introduce myself, rub some shoulders, press a little flesh, and insert a noise here.

Re-met Tom Vickery on Wednesday night, the leader of the jazz jam at Hermann’s here in Victoria. Tom and I had met a couple of times previously on other subjects (mostly through work and the union), but this was the first time that I’d had a chance to play, and that he’d had a chance to hear me. Same goes for Sean Drabbitt, the house bassist, and Kelby MacNayr, the house drummer, who happens to be one of my favourite players that I’ve heard lately.

Heard some great players, got a chance to get up and play, discovered what the flavour of jazz is around these parts, and had a great time. Looking forward to doing it again down the line!

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