Musical Ruts

Every now and again, I get into a musical rut, whether that’s good or bad. For a good long stretch there, and by long, I’m talking 3-4 years, all I listened to was the music of Steely Dan, much to the deep chagrin of my family (but ultimately for my own personal betterment when I got the call to sub in with a SD cover band this year). More recently than that, I’ve been bingeing on Vulfpeck.

This past summer, though, I went to Europe for work, and decided on a couple of desert island albums to take with me. The lads over at All Songs Considered had tipped me off to “Echo Mountain Sessions” by Sylvan Esso – a band I’d never heard of before – and lo and behold, I found what would ultimately carry me through my trip.

EMS led to the discovery of the duo’s latest release, “What Now”, and this album grabbed me by the ears right away. A great mix of songwriting, instrumentation, timbre, just a very satisfying listen. The opening track really took hold and I couldn’t stop listening.

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