Starting to notice (and be noticed for) changes in my body now that I’m really running with some consistency. Probably the biggest change is that running has given me a decent level of buoyancy in my life these days. On days where I don’t run, I really notice a difference in my energy levels (even though I know that I need those days off for recovery). Most runs (ok, almost all of them) have been just fine in terms of aches and pains (see below), and I often find myself with a smile on my face as I’m heading down the road.

The food aspect, though, I don’t think I’d really considered. I’ve always been generally active, but not since I was bike commuting almost 50km a day have I been running my body like this. The constant need to feed is something I didn’t quite expect. When I was riding, sure, I was eating two breakfasts, a sizeable lunch, a good snack, dinner, and maybe an evening snack. Nowadays, I’m pretty much ready to murder a buffet or two, twice or three times a day. Today was one such day – I had eaten a small breakfast (toast with PB and a banana) before heading out for 14.5km/9mi. Got home from my run, ate a second breakfast (eggs with veg, bagel, smoothie, coffee). My hunger was satisfied for a couple of hours, but as I was on the bus to work, everything was fine, fine, fine, OK I NEED FOOD RIGHT NOW AND LOTS OF IT OR I WILL EAT MYSELF FROM THE INSIDE OUT OK THANKS. Same again tonight, I ate a good-sized dinner (even with seconds!) and 2 1/2 hours later, my body is begging for food. Nobody said it’d be like this.

Kristy paid me a rather nice compliment – she’s noticed a difference in my physique as I go through this process. I recall chatting with a colleague years ago, and her husband was my supervisor at the time. Her comment was that he could work out for a couple of days and the extra pounds would just melt off of him. Granted, this guy would get up and work out for two hours before riding his bike from PoMo to downtown Vancouver and was one of the fittest dudes I’d ever met. At nearly-40, I’m feeling good about how my body is reacting to what I’m throwing at it.

As for aches and pains, they’ve been relatively minor, and thankfully not long-lasting. The worst so far was a knee ache after a long run (felt like it might have been a slight hyperextension), and I’ve been experiencing a very minor shin splint on the left side, but only when I’m pushing hard. Maybe the odd foot ache here and there, too.

Up next is a new pair of kicks – I’ve outlived my recommended mileage in the pair I’m in right now and would like to be in some comfy new Cadillacs for game day.

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