I’m Ready

So here it is, the weekend, upon me after just nine weeks of training. I always looked up to those who had done serious distance running. I just never figured it was something that I would ever a) get into; or b) actually enjoy. Turns out that the lessons I learned a few years back when I used running as a means to keep my brain and emotions in check hold true at longer distances.

I’ve loved the feeling of getting up and out and hitting the pavement. I’ve loved the experience of running to places that I didn’t think I would run to. I’ve been on pre-dawn runs, rainy runs, windy runs, and lately, an abundance of sunny ones. I’ve seen hundreds of other people out early in the morning, some commuting, some running, some walking, all just being outdoors, getting some air into their lungs. I’ve (thankfully) avoided injury, I’ve carefully prepared, I’ve made running something that fit into whatever I was doing, wherever I was (camping, touring, whatever).

My body likes what I’ve been doing. I’ve been lucky in that everything has just worked as I’ve progressively stacked on the miles. I’ve run more in the last nine weeks than I did in the last two years. I can see the difference in how I look, I’ve adapted to the food needs, I’ve balanced things out with other sports and activities I enjoy (cycling, hiking, etc). Running has been good to me.

So now, I’m headed into this race. I’d set a goal of hitting sub-2:00 on a marathon, a pace that I know I’ll beat by a long shot. The question is now, can I get the pace down to run a 1:45 half? Or even a 1:40? That would mean running a half at the pace I’ve lately been running my 5k. Given how I’ve been feeling these last couple of weeks, it’s not impossible. I guess it’s time to find out.


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