Smashy Smashy

The mid-week runs this week were good. Like, real good. This is my heaviest week of training runs – from Mon-Sun, it was supposed to be off/8/9.65/8/off/16/5 (or, in miles, 5/6/5/10/3).

Things got going in a hurry with my Tuesday run. The GPS in my phone was wonky, and it gave me some erroneous readings, but the numbers that I was being fed as far as pace went just encouraged me to run faster and faster. I wound up at a 4:35/km pace, which is well faster than what I would run my quick 5k at. This run was interesting, too, as I was experimenting a little more with being looser in the hips. I saw in my shadow how I was running, and saw just how stiff I looked and so was able to make an adjustment and it really helped with my pace.

The 9.65km run (Wednesday) didn’t exactly go according to plan. I went to Vancouver with Elijah to go see the Takashi Murakami exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery, which required a way-too-early wakeup. If I was to run, it would have been a 4:30am start, which I’m just not down with. Instead, I opted for an evening run, and I kinda ended up chasing Levi to Saxe Point Park and back. As I discovered that my pace was on track for a fast 10k, I decided to add the extra 350m and just make it pay. I’m glad I did. My fastest 10k up till that point was 47:12, which I ran with Jeremy Duggleby in 2015. With that one, we sprinted the last 400m, so realistically I was probably closer to 48:15 or more. With this run on Wednesday, I was steadily running 4:40 or thereabouts per km, and clocked it at 46:40. Shaving 30 seconds off your time feels pretty good.

Saturday is my long run this week and I’ll be switching over to Sunday long runs next week. Plan right now is to run from my place around both upper and lower Thetis Lake, coming back via the Galloping Goose. I’ve never run this far before, but I’m confident I can do it.

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