30-day Writing Challenge – Day 16

Something that you miss.

I have these occasional flashes where I really miss playing bass full-time.

My job is such that I’ve advanced up the ranks and gotten myself into a command team position. Historically, people in my position have been able to continue playing, but occasionally it comes down to not being able to keep that up. Right now, my boss is on maternity leave, therefore I’m doing her work and I’ve left my managerial responsibilities to someone else. This means that I’m primarily responsible to conduct the band, and it leaves me no opportunity (at work) to be a player.

This does, however, give rise to me pursuing work on the outside, and so far, 2019 is looking good in this regard, but it also places a challenge on my time in having to ensure that my chops are together to play at the level that’s expected of me.

I had a lengthy period there where, due to the deployment to Chile, I wasn’t applying hands to instrument on a regular basis. Once I got back from Christmas, it’s been slow and frustrating to get back into playing again, but it’s getting there. Making it a conscious, habitual thing to practice will help a lot.

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