30-day Writing Challenge – Day 18

Post 30 facts about yourself.

Without ado, here we go!

  1. I don’t think I can go back to riding anything other than fixies.
  2. Tattoos fascinate me. I’m nowhere near done collecting, either.
  3. I’m insecure about a lot of things.
  4. I’m disorganized, but I’m trying to fix that.
  5. I work well when my environs are in flux. I love my home and my situation, but change of location feels good. Transitory.
  6. I almost had a career in IT.
  7. I love making crazy situations come to fruition.
  8. I’m on a perpetual quest to go further. Faster. It’s like I’m secretly a trumpet player or something 😉
  9. Despite the rapid pace of life, I’ve learned that doing nothing is also a really great place to be.
  10. I like leadership. I’m getting better at leading and not doing.
  11. One of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do is to learn to let go.
  12. I’m scared to consider what it is I’ll do when I actually need to grow up and leave this job I’m in now.
  13. I like brewing. It’s a calming activity.
  14. Being outdoors keeps me grounded. Running, hiking, whatever.
  15. I dream a lot about being chased or followed, and I’m perpetually trying to get away from something – a situation or a feeling or someone.
  16. I still have nightmares about college.
  17. I love classic soul and R&B. I came really, really close to crying at the Motown Museum.
  18. I was pretty much blond up until the age of five.
  19. I’ve rediscovered reading. I was a voracious reader as a kid and there are always words going past my eyes, but reading for fun and learning has come back to the fore lately.
  20. I have a certain someone in my life who makes me weak in the knees.
  21. I don’t have a whole lot of deep dark secrets left. I’ve gotten most of them out to at least one other human (including a very, very big one today that kinda snuck out on a hike).
  22. I like sugar. It wreaks havoc on me, though.
  23. Coffee helps.
  24. The job I’m in right now is the one I feel most comfortable with out of all of the jobs I’ve held previously. I really feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be.
  25. The breakdown of my marriage was unbelievably difficult. Conversely, I’ve grown in ways I couldn’t have even imagined over the last four years.
  26. It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with the state of my mental health. I’m getting so much better at paying attention to what’s in my head.
  27. Come to my house and if I’m home I will feed you dinner. Try me.
  28. Hockey is how I chase the crazy away. For three 20-minute periods, all I have to focus on is not getting badly injured.
  29. I have amazing friends and family.
  30. I get so caught up in the future that I forget about the here and now. I’m working to make a change.

This prompt was a lot harder than I expected. Sure, I could’ve rattled off some figures and some facts, but none of them really seemed to resonate.

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