30-day Writing Challenge – Day 25

Think of any word. Search for it on Google Images. Write something about the 11th image.

Anxiety and ADHD have really taken the forefront of my oldest child’s life. The anxiety portion, while undiagnosed in me, is something that I’ve dealt with for an awfully long time. Most of the time I can keep a lid on things, but this image really sums up quite nicely how I feel when I get trapped into an anxious thought.

I see this most prominently in Elijah though, and he’s been having a large number of anxious days. He’s not been getting the kind of help that he needs, and it’s been a tremendous struggle for everybody involved, especially us as his parents. It affects everything for him – his ability to function, relationships, work, school – and it’s problematic for everyone around him as his behaviours are really disruptive.

Having Kristy in the scene, though, is helpful, as she’s dealt with a tremendous amount of anxiety on her own, and has found ways to deal with it in a manner that it doesn’t affect her nearly as bad as it once did.

The next big question surrounds medication and additional therapy to help him sort out his ability to function in a way that will see him prosper. One day at a time…

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