30-day Writing Challenge – Day 6

Five ways to win your heart

I’m finding as these posts go along that it’s giving me great cause for reflection and looking at ways to be open and honest with myself.

I’ve plodded through this life generally ending up as self-reliant. Those who I have truly loved are the ones who won me over by being awesome humans. There are certain characteristics among each of these dear, cherished souls that get me every. damn. time.

  1. Thinking fast. Someone who can challenge me intellectually will definitely pique my curiosity.
  2. A sense of play and adventure. Especially in conjunction with #1, it’s a guarantee to win me over.
  3. Compassion. None of us can do this alone, and having someone you can ugly cry with is necessary, even if it’s over the phone or text.
  4. Reciprocal challenge. Finding ways to keep reinventing yourself and to challenge the other to do the same.
  5. Acceptance. This one was tough, because the first four really do it for me, but acceptance is huge. It’s the scariest for me as well, because it relies on a level of vulnerability that shakes me deeply, but at the same time, is critical. The more I examine who I am, the more I see how much fear exists within me (despite displays to the contrary). To be accepted is incredible.

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