30-day Writing Challenge – Day 7

List 10 songs that you’re loving right now.

This one is pretty easy. I’m forever surrounded by music, and one of my greatest joys (and sometimes frustrations) is that the music doesn’t stop. Again, in no particular order:

  • Lynchpin – Dan Mangan
  • Lost Without You – Will Sessions & Amp Fiddlers (feat. Dames Brown)
  • Half of the Way – Vulfpeck
  • Never Will – Terra Lightfoot
  • Tints – Anderson .Paak (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
  • All Ashore – Punch Brothers
  • Obvious Bicycle – Vampire Weekend
  • Multiply – Jamie Lidell
  • So There – Ben Folds
  • Bad Bad News – Leon Bridges

Each of these tunes has a different place/space in my life right now, though many can be found on my running playlist. I’m a late-comer to the Dan Mangan party (although I’ve appreciated several of his tunes in the past, and my friend Gord has toured with him extensively over the past several years). Kristy and I are going to see him at the Alix Goolden for Valentines this year.

Will Sessions was a surprise catch from our recent trip to Windsor. WDET was a find that John led me to, and in turn we spent a couple of hours with the radio on listening to some of the great sounds coming from across the river.

Vulfpeck has been a favourite for a couple of years now, and Theo Katzmann has really climbed up my charts in terms of being an amazing musician and songwriter. I love the tight vocals in the chorus on this one.

Terra Lightfoot came to consciousness through listening to the CBC. More and more I realize that there’s some pretty great music coming out of Hamilton, and she is definitely no exception. Her 2015 record was a late find for me, and it has such a great feel. Her vocals are terrific.

Oh, Anderson .Paak. I learned about him through his NPR Tiny Desk concert, and promptly went and found everything I could from him. Tints is one of the lead-off singles from his new record, Oxnard. I may be planning my Spring Break trip with the kids around going to all three cities listed in his record titles…

Punch Brothers was a NPR find through All Songs Considered. I was listening to the podcast and was immediately hooked. This song was my earworm for most of the duration of our Olympic National Park trip in August 2018. I’ve gone on to find so much other great stuff from Chris Thile as well, but this was the one that got things moving for me.

Vampire Weekend was one that I’d casually heard, again, on CBC, but didn’t do a deep dive until I discovered that Kristy was an uber-fan. Modern Vampires of the Weekend became an instant classic, and I love the spacious quality to this tune.

Sometimes a song just feels good. That’s the case with Multiply, by Jamie Lidell. It’s written in one of my favourite keys (D-flat), so you know that there’s a good possibility that the stringed instruments are tuned down a half-step and making some extra-chunky noises. Feel is everything in a track like this.

Ben Folds’ latest release was one that just arrived out of nowhere but became my unofficial soundtrack to 2015 (that just kept hanging on). This track tells the tale of a breakup, something that was germane to my existence around that time, and got me through some rough patches. His work with Y-music Ensemble is pretty spectacular and inventive.

Bad Bad News…Oh, Leon. The lead-off single from your new album was terrific, but the rest… It took me a while to get into the entire record, but this single hit me right away. I love the George Benson feel on this track, and it just motors along, which is why it’s spent so long on my running playlist.

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