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IslandHF Digimode Presentation

Glenn (VE7GRQ) asked if anyone was interested in doing a presentation on digimodes (FT8/FT4 etc), and I jumped at the chance. For those of you that were on the call, here is a copy of my slides from the presentation.

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  1. Peter Liatowitsch Avatar
    Peter Liatowitsch

    Hello Brayden
    first of all many thanks for your Zoom, it was most informative and encouraging at the same time. I ordered an RTL-SDR dongle to get started at least with listening.
    As a total newcomer, I wondered wheter you might give a lecture on hardware and software choice to start with and where to proceed from there. I noticed that there are numbers of youtube-clips aout how to use the software but nearly none about to build your station in different configurations. As you say, you acquired considerable knowledge within a relatively short time. It would be great if you were willing to share some more of it.
    Best regards and 73
    Peter VE7PLI

    1. braydenwise Avatar

      Hi Peter! Thanks for the note. Hardware, in my opinion, is a very specific thing. My main thing has always been to try and work things out using what I have on hand. I’m a bit of a minimalist and just about everything in my house (not just for radio) serves more than one purpose (no single application items). I’m also a huge, huge fan of free open-source software (FOSS). Thankfully, there are a TON of resources for hams in that department.

      I’m happy to have a chat with you offline about what you’ve got and give you some ideas to look at. I’ll shoot you an email!


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